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Product: Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (Somatropin) 100IU
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Update:                  19 nov. 2019

Grade:                    [A]

Brand:                    Genetic Lab Somatex

Active substance: Somatropin

VIDEO: Somatex official video (RUS)

Somatex® Liquid SOMATROPIN

Buy Somatex - Liquid Somatropin 

SLIMCAT presents the A-grade genuine HGH product SOMATEX (active substance Somatropin) at a remarkable price with worldwide delivery. It is available as a liquid injection manufactured by a well-known company Genetic Lab (Russia). Key features of this product are weight loss, leaner body with strong muscles and bones, wrinkle-free skin and bone growth. It is ideal for wound healing by making tissues stronger and facilitating their rapid repair. Perfect choice for pro sportsmen with its extraordinary features.

Use of Somatex GH in Sports

Fitness has the biggest share in the success of an athlete. He should have powerful and tenacious health all the time to make sure his availability in games and to give strength to his mind and body for daily life challenges. 

The human growth hormone performs competently to gear up strength building. Somatex has man-made HGH equipped with the qualities of reshaping the body structure by increasing lean body mass and reducing unnecessary fat. Anabolic properties of the SOMATEX act by combining small amino acid molecules to form larger proteins. This phenomenon leads to strong muscles and a leaner body by burning subcutaneous fat. It will build muscle mass by raising growth factors with the help of protein intake by this drug without any side effects

Usage of HGH for weight loss

The fat loss cycle engages human growth hormone (HGH) to break the triglyceride (stored fat) and use this fat to create energy. We take food as calories, and our body uses it as energy. Unutilized calories are stored as fat and we put on weight. Fewer HGH means, slow metabolism. In this case, we should have an intake of HGH. Frequent intake of Somatex stimulates metabolic reaction which in turn boosts up the human energy level resulting in weight loss. HGH drug therapy is the most demanded way to get rid of unwanted fat with an energy boost.

Buy Somatex for antiaging

Antiaging is the phenomenon of regaining youth strength and HGH plays a vital role. Lean body mass decreases with age. The growth hormone helps to increase lean body mass which gives energy to the overall body. There are several other age-related issues like weakness of muscles and bones, sleeplessness, slow healing of injuries, risk of fracture in case of injury, wrinkles, loss of energy and cardiac arrest. These conditions can be delayed or suppressed by the application of HGH hormone therapy which triggers increased lean mass to fat ratio, better sleeping conditions, reduces wrinkles, enough energy gain and a sense of being young.

Other benefits of Somatex Liquid 

Maintains blood glucose level by producing a hormone which encounters insulin. Its mode of action is to increase carbohydrate mechanism (the breakdown of larger molecules into smaller ones) & energy elevation.

It gives a feeling of being young by rejuvenating the body cells.
Promotes cell generation and differentiation.
Increases immunity by anabolic reactions and carbohydrate mechanism.

Usage of Liquid Somatex 

  • Patients of esophageal and gastric use this to Control Bleeding.

  • Stomach patients who have Bacterial toxicity in any layer of stomach use this to cure their disease.

  • The drug will be prescribed after pancreatic surgery in case of any complications.

  • Patients having Endocrine tumors use this to control their tumors.

  • Levels of blood acids can be controlled by the drug. 

Limitations of Human Growth Hormone

If you are taking any vitamin or herbs tell your doctor before starting Buy Somatex.

Do visit your doctor for monitoring blood glucose levels regularly.

Recommended Dosage of HGH

It is an optimal dose value which may vary according to patient condition and prescription.

For Adults: Drug is recommended on an hourly basis according to bodyweight it will be 75kg bodyweight dosage will be 5 IU/day (24 hours). On average it will be 3IU for 12 hours and 6IU for 24 hours.


Store at room temperature (avoid freezing)
Protect from light and heat
Protect from children.
Do not leave medicine in the car or on windowsills.
Quality Assurance

We deal with original, high-quality drugs which may be a little bit expensive, but the standard is guaranteed. These supplements should be original for health benefits. Try to avoid fake do not use cheap drugs because these will be harmful for you.

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  • Amit 14 Feb 2020


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      Ith you need Somatex premium go to Instagram: somatex_uk_official

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