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Dear Customers, you can leave your reviews! Page is in working condition and will bring you 5% discount for review..

How it works?

  • Add a review on this page adown.
  • Add this product to your basket and go to checkout.
  • Congratulations your reward minus 5% is applied.
  • Discounts are multiplied, you may apply for bulk order add additional to this discount.
  • Leave review only once, but use the discount multiple times in the future. No need to resubmit a new review.

Today We asked to leave reviews of our old customers, so we will see a few soon hopefully.))
New customers are welcome to write something - it may be anything like about usability, payment processing any suggestions, and your thoughts, critics are welcome as well.
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  • Mike 16 Jan 2021

    Payment methods very easy to use. Product selection excellent.

  • Jack C 16 Jan 2021

    Received my HGH and looking forward to the results

  • Michelle 08 Jan 2021

    1st time buyer looking forward to getting my product

  • Steve Ben... 07 Jan 2021

    Used 15mg to lose weight. After 2.5 months I knew I needed a stronger dose. Slimcat has the 20mg at a good price. Should arrive about the time 15s run out.

  • Dani 02 Jan 2021

    Looking forward to getting a tan with the injections

  • Dani 02 Jan 2021

    Can't wait to try the tanning injections

  • Chibi 30 Dec 2020

    Second time buying from slimcat.org and my first order was very successful. It took around 40 days to arrive in the US. Finally was able to suppress my apetite and lose weight.

  • Marco 19 Dec 2020

    Good sellers and very best products

  • Scott 14 Dec 2020

    Very easy ordering process and good price.

  • Mikael 11 Dec 2020

    First time I used this site. 100% legit, got my delivery very fast, one week from I placed my order.

  • DANIELLE C. 11 Dec 2020

    First time user of the site. I'll 100% be back.

  • Maria Ven 07 Dec 2020

    Great site! Official! Thank you!

  • Bryant Sav 05 Dec 2020

    Great looks official!!!

  • Mo 03 Dec 2020

    Looks good so far

  • Darren S. 02 Dec 2020

    Product was great .. Took a little while to get it wish it could be shipped a little faster but other than that the products are legit

  • Stevio 30 Nov 2020

    As I said in my first review if I receive my product I will buy again.. well I received my products I payed for.. big hi five for this company. I have now ordered again. Really good service and quick delivery to the uk. Many thanks slimcat for not ripping me of.

  • Steve p. 26 Nov 2020

    Really good service. Ordered on a Saturday. Received tracking info on Monday morning. Received goods 8 days later in UK. Thanks
    Steve p

  • Martin 25 Nov 2020

    I buy for the fourth time why this site really 100% work! Product you can really trust! Good Job Guys!

  • Elonas Saba 23 Nov 2020

    Great website, fast response. Fast shipping

  • Adrian 22 Nov 2020

    Great product, delivery time 2 weeks, perfect packed. I recomment this seller!

  • Melanie 21 Nov 2020

    Is this product good for woman also

  • Donald Gr 20 Nov 2020

    Great product.

  • Alexi L 17 Nov 2020

    Great website that is easy to search and most importantly the guys who run it answer super fast if you email them. I had a question about my payment and they got back to me within minutes.
    First time I order so I will come back with more once I get my order and test my order.

  • Stevio 13 Nov 2020

    Ok this site was easy to search for products that I wanted , easy to select and purchase through PayPal, however the proof of a good site that I will use again is If I receive the products I ordered and payed for. Hope it all goes well and I don’t regret using this site. If I get my order I shall leave a even better review . Fingers crossed

  • Martin 11 Nov 2020

    In first moment i just wanna check if this Site Secure an Real are... I Buy and 2 week latter the package was in my door! 100% Perfect!!!

  • Elona 11 Nov 2020

    Just did my first order and the process was easy through PayPal. I will make a new review once I receive my products to rate them.

  • Teemu T 10 Nov 2020

    Just made my first order. Process was easy, no problems. Payment by PayPal easy. Now looking forward to receiving my products. Happy so far.

  • JUAN 08 Nov 2020


  • Pietro 06 Nov 2020

    Nessun problema con questo sito. Servizio ottimo e puntuale
    Prodotti di qualità.

    • SlimCat, 06 Nov 2020

      Grazie mille, mio ​​caro.

  • Pietro 06 Nov 2020

    Nessun problema con questo sito. Servizio ottimo e imleccabile

  • Janoush 06 Nov 2020

    Honestly, haven’t had a single problem from this site. Even with all the shitty postal services shutting down I still got what I ordered. I keep coming back

    • SlimCat, 06 Nov 2020

      Much appreciate your thoughts.

  • Rob 04 Nov 2020


  • Lowana 03 Nov 2020

    Well can't comment on product as I have not received it as yet, but the process of purchasing was really good

  • Bri 02 Nov 2020

    Great product. Great doing business with you!

  • Heidi 27 Oct 2020

    Fast service and very, very good products!

  • Stan 19 Oct 2020

    Fast response, professional service and great product. Thank you very much.

  • John 13 Oct 2020

    very easy to buy from especially with PayPal will update when product arrives

  • Heather 13 Oct 2020

    Very good

  • Harry vernon 09 Oct 2020

    Ordered sextreme redforce and blackforce from this site. Both didn't disappoint!!!!!

  • Rami 01 Oct 2020

    I've ordered EPO once before and it was delivered promptly with no issues, just made another order and communication was smooth. Thanks for the good service.

  • David Diaz fernandez 01 Oct 2020

    Todo muy bien

  • Gianni 27 Sep 2020

    Come sempre veloce ed affidabile

  • Michele L. 23 Sep 2020

    Have yet to receive the product but the purchase was smooth . Will update once product arrives. So far so good

    • Michele L., 23 Sep 2020

      Received my product ! Quick shipping ! Will order again

    • SlimCat, 23 Sep 2020

      Thank you.

  • F.Gilvargas 22 Sep 2020

    great Customer service

  • M.Salehi 05 Sep 2020

    Fast shipping

  • J.Worthington 03 Sep 2020

    Fast shipping! Great buy!

  • Speed 29 Aug 2020

    Spedizione velocissima prodotto arrivato in 36 ore grazie

  • William 26 Aug 2020

    Just started using these and so far so good. great recovery! Looking forward to seeing how this helps in the future.

  • M 13 Aug 2020

    I received my products in a very timely manner. Communication is fast, helpful and very professional. I will definitely return many times in the future. Thanks.

  • Wendy 13 Aug 2020

    Very Prompt and helpful.
    Do read amount what ordering and don't go by pictures.I found this misleading when received my order as thought I had more for my money.

    • SlimCat, 13 Aug 2020

      Picture changing issue solved.


    • SlimCat, 13 Aug 2020

      You are right! Actually we have different photos for each product option. After your case we found technical photo changing issues, where they didn't change. We are solving them right away. Thanks

  • Marco 06 Aug 2020

    Good seller, very good offer and prices and more accurate. Thanks

  • Katherine 03 Aug 2020

    This is a great site to get your needs for the body,mind and lifestyle you’ve lways dreamed of ;)

  • Madi 01 Aug 2020

    Best site for buying something from europe

  • Hans 29 July 2020

    Got a shipment from Slimcat. Tried my first doses of Mildronats and I think it’s going to be great. Have had six months of overtraining syndrome, fatigue and massive loss of VOMax.
    I have ordered more today because of the effect on recovery.

  • Luigi 29 July 2020

    24 hours after my order was placed I received items I demanded. Exactly brands displayed on site. I would summarize the service of slimcat with few words: reliable and efficient!

    • SlimCat, 29 July 2020

      Thank you, my friend... Luigi used our Courier service to Italy.

  • Luigi 27 July 2020

    Quick reaction to emails. Good choice of drugs. Now waiting for delivery. I am updating my review after parcel arrival.

  • JK 23 July 2020

    Easy to buy, good price, waiting for delivery.

  • Joseph 22 July 2020

    Have bought this product several times in the last 5-6 years. I feel and see a positive effect mentally and physically. I have not experienced any negative effects to date. I have experienced positive cognitive effects and very positive physical recovery from exercise.

    • SlimCat, 22 July 2020

      Its about Mildronate https://slimcat.org/shop/product/mildronate
      Thank you...

  • Guido 07 July 2020

    Zeer corect en betrouwbaar. Bij vragen ontwoorden ze binnen het uur

  • James 17 Jun 2020

    This company is fast and replies to emails and makes it easy on the customer!

  • JAS 16 Jun 2020


  • Lise Østerman 16 Jun 2020


  • Davide 10 Jun 2020

    Sono diversi anni che mi fornisco
    Su questo sito e non ho avuto mai problemi. Peccato che hanno tolto vari prodotti ultimamente e mi dispiace che non hanno più steroidi.

  • Tom 10 Jun 2020

    Easy and fast orders thanks so much for fantastic service

  • S 30 May 2020

    Fantastic service

  • Igor 29 May 2020

    Easy order, fast delivery.
    Super satisfied.
    Strongly recommend!

  • Jose 29 May 2020

    Trusted site. All been good with them

  • Sajjad 21 May 2020

    Trusted shopping website

  • MM 21 May 2020

    All services on this site is perfect. Never had problems in a few years. Good choise to buy in this site!

    • SlimCat, 21 May 2020

      Hey my friend, thank you.. You don't need to submit multiply reviews, just tell that you already leaved review and use it all the time.

  • Sascha 14 May 2020

    super shop- already ordered many times and will order again.
    easy communication and quick discreet.
    very good stuff.

  • Sajjad 13 May 2020

    Very Good and fast service, packing was good. Really love it

  • Clint 11 May 2020

    I live in America and on average it takes only ten or so days for an order to arrive from them. Even though they’re all the way to Europe. Have ordered maybe a dozen times at this point and they have never let me down once missed an order item or anything. Can’t say enough great things, for real.

  • kenn 11 May 2020

    I have been a customer for a few years; my initial concern was not to get burned which I can state unequivocally that I have complete confidence in the site, if you have a question they respond almost immediately and their product line is safe and what they advertise, I only wish they had more products to choose from.

  • Joeri 10 May 2020

    Very good service. Nice and clean products and a Very fast shipping. Very recommended

  • ISMAEL 08 May 2020

    Great service products always gets as expected and very good quality and reliable web site thank.

  • Eskild 07 May 2020

    Good quality and the best customer service i have had. Fast answers. Always help you out with questions. Fast shipping. Great price. 100% trustfull.. i wil always be a shopper from these guys. Best site i have tryed !:)

    • SlimCat, 07 May 2020

      Thank you Eskild. Great words!
      Tomorrow we will send more requests to oldies, review us US !

  • Kristian 07 May 2020

    very reliable site, excellent quality products, value for money. very available and precise even in shipments.

  • MM 07 May 2020

    The service is perfect. Neved had problems. All ok, in few years.

  • Aaron 07 May 2020

    I must say this site and the people who process the orders are all about providing great service and products to the customer. Always fast shipping, great products, great prices. I've been a long time customer. Extremely happy definitely recommend

    • SlimCat, 07 May 2020

      Thank you Aron,
      Realy apprichiate your thoughts!

  • Scott 07 May 2020

    great Products and service, I am a happy customer.

  • SlimCat 04 May 2020

    Leave your REVIEW here, and get instant DISCOUNT by adding this page to your CART.

    Sincerely yours SlimCat

    • Davide Sartorato, 04 May 2020

      Ottimi prezzi e prodotti di qualità, molto soddisfatto.

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