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Pen Injection Needles 4mm

Product: Pen-Injector-NeedlesN10
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Update:                  19 nov. 2019

Grade:                    [A

Brand:                    Pharmacy/BBraun



The 4-mm pen needle is our tiniest, thinnest pen needle which promotes convenience. The pen needle utilizes Quick-Flow technology, which increases the flow of substance through the needle, making it easier to use the needle, allowing patients to administer their maximum dose.


Built to undergo relaxed HGH, EPO, and insulin injection.
For easy identification, the needle shields are colored.
To facilitate a seamless penetration, the needle body & tip are electro-polished to avoid slight blemishes and rugged spots.

Why it is perfect for HGH, EPO, and insulin injections?
The pen needle is determined to inject more than 98 percent of the time substance into the layer, encouraging smooth absorption and decreasing the risk of (IM) injections that may induce hypoglycemia.

Key Features:

Silicone-coated needle to reduce pain.
Super-fine triple beveled needle with slender wall technology which provides better fluids flow.
Extremely useable for EPO, HGH, and Insulin injector pens.
The 4-mm pen needles have quite a sleek design which reduces the risk of damaging your needle.

The 4-mm pen needles are designed to provide you with easy and relaxed injections and are arguably suitable for EPO, HGH, and insulin injections. Buy SlimCat Pharmacy 4-mm pen needles, as we only deal in providing quality products at a very affordable price.

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