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Epostim (Epoetin beta) 20.000IU OVERSTOCK (SALE OUT)

Epostim (Epoetin beta) 20.000IU OVERSTOCK (SALE OUT) 200.00

Update:                  19 nov. 2019

Grade:                    [A] - Pharmacy

Brand:                    Bio Process

Active substance: Epoetin beta


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Generic Name: Epoetin beta

Epostim is a well-known type of EPO stimulating agent (ESA) & is categorized as a recombinant drug. The human kidney and liver are the main organs responsible for (human hormone production). This hormone has a miracle effect on human RBC count. It increases their amount in the blood thus rendering energy and stamina to the body. Epostim is Ideal for endurance and doping

Epoetin beta (Epostim) ensures the increased blood supply to the human heart and their muscle tissues. This phenomenon is called erythropoiesis (increase in red blood cells) which is achieved using epoetin drugs and Epostim is widely used for the purpose. There is a wide range of epoetin drug applications in clinical & sports fields. This drug shows remarkable results in patients suffering from chronic and chemotherapy-induced anemia and chronic renal failure. The long-term use of the drug may result in some adverse effects like PRCA (Pure red cell aplasia, which is a rare condition of red blood cell ancestor disorder/ indirect effect on the RBC production).

Epostim for Athletes:

Epostim is one of those drugs that are helpful for Athletes as they face numerous pressures and a lot of training to earn a victory in their field. Erythropoietin is used to increase the cycling performance of cyclists. This drug enhances physical fitness and increases the body's maximum oxygen consumption capacity. When the number of red blood cells is high in your body, the more oxygen produced which is delivered to the muscles. These drugs stimulate red blood cell production; thus, the athlete can run harder and longer.

Composition and Pharmaceutical Form:

The drug is available in the form of a colorless solution. When packed it is transparent so in case of color change or particle presence call your supplier to provide a new dose.


rEPO (Recombinant EPO)






Recommended Dose:

Initial dose: 20IU /Kg of body weight (thrice a week) if you are taking it weekly or 10IU/ Kg of body weight daily.

Maintenance dose: can be administered when required.

Risk Factors:

Some side effects may appear after the intake of dose. If it happens or you do not follow the prescribed dose, consult your physician. It is necessary to constantly monitor the blood pressure of the patients during drug therapy. Regular use of EPO over a course of 50 days may result in iron deficiency, vitamin B12 deficiency and folic acid deficiency which can be compensated by medication.

Storage Instructions:

Follow the instructions when preserved for a short time

Keep in a dark and cold place

Avoid direct contact of light

Through away if spilled or mishandled

Keep away from child and pet

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