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Buy Clomid Online (CLOMIPHENE) ANFARM 50 MG N24

Buy Clomid Online (CLOMIPHENE) ANFARM 50 MG N24 28.00

Update:                  19 nov. 2019

Grade:                    [A] - Pharmacy

Brand:                    Clomid

Active substance: CLOMIPHENE CITRATE

Orgin:                     Greece

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Product Description:

Clomid has found wide application in bodybuilding as a drug that increases the level of endogenous testosterone produced by the body. To minimize the loss of muscle mass and strength after stopping the taking of steroids, and appoint Clomid. Normalization of spermatogenesis and testosterone levels occurs within the first 10-14 days.

This drug ( CLOMID ) is used in women to treat infertility. It works by stimulating an increase in the number of hormones that support a mature egg (ovulation) growth and release. This drug is not recommended for women who no longer have ovaries. You can buy Clomid online at SlimCat Online Store.


Clomiphene activates the pituitary gland of the brain to secrete more follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and LH (luteinizing hormone). This action stimulates the ovarian follicle's growth and thus leads to ovulation.


Buy Clomid Online (Clomiphene) is used to treat incomplete or abnormal menstrual cycles (ovulation induction), to resolve a condition called luteal phase defect by increasing progesterone secretion during the second half of the cycle, and to increase menstrual cycle duration reliability, thereby improving the timing of intercourse or artificial insemination.


To be most safe, clomiphene should be taken by mouth exactly as instructed by your physician. It is critical that you carefully observe your dosing schedule.


After buy Clomid Online, The dosage is based on your condition and therapy response. Do not take it more often or longer than your doctor has recommended. The drug is not prescribed for long-term care and should not be more than 6 cycles.


Common side-effects include chest pain, high blood-pressure, mindset changes, headache, and sleeping disorder.