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Alcohol Swabs [Pack of 100]

Product: alcohol-swabs
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Update:                  19 nov. 2019

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Alcohol Swabs:

Alcohol Swabs are quite common with insulin syringes, lancets, and pen needles as an antiseptic skin cleanser before injection. Alcohol Swabs can also be used to help avoid infections, cleanse the skin and clean cuts, scratches, and wounds. They last the longest as they are thicker, heavier, and have much more alcohol in them. People use alcohol swabs to sanitize hands as well.


Alcohol swabs are available in non-sterile and sterile applications. They are perfectly built to cleanse and purify. The swab is 1-6/7 "long by 1-3/6 "wide. It is not thin (about 1/5-inch-thick) and contains more than enough alcohol to clean off many needles and heads of insulin bottles without any problem.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 70% Isopropyl alcohol and water.


  • Softer, smoother and thicker.
  • 100 packs wrapped in a single box individually.
  • Protected four-layer wrapping offers airtight sealing.


Using it for skin preparation before injection to reduce germs in minor wounds and scratches.

Buy alcohol swabs from SlimCat pharmacy.

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Alcohol Swabs [Pack of 100]
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