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Frequently Asked Questions:

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What payment methods do you accept?

Receiving payments is the most difficult task for our industry. The methods of receiving payments change regularly, some are available, others times not. 

PayPal, Debit / Credit Cards, Crypto, Bank Transfer, Western Union.

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From what countries I can order?

We ship to all countries, there are no restrictions on this.

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How do you ship?

We are using regular mail services or courier with the next day delivery. Courier shipping option is available during through checkout.

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Are orders trackable?

All our parcels are with tracking only.

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How long is the delivery?

After receiving payment. We always hold up to 3 working days for dispatch. 

We know about your order and if there will be any changes we will let you know. We newer forget anyone. Just relax and wait for tracking. 

Delivery for Regular Mail takes from 5 to 30 working days, depending on your location. 

Regular mail to the EU is delivered in about 5-15 days.

Regular mail to US 15-30 days. 

Regular mail to AU 15-45 days approximately.

Courier 1 - 5 working days depending on your location.

Still, we can't guarantee an exact time frame for Regular Mail orders. As they have many situations that we can't impact. 

We only guarantee exact delivery for Courier service.

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What information you put on the parcel?

Only your address, the packaging is discreet and does not contain any information about its content.

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Is safe delivery guaranteed?

Yes, if your order is seized by customs we will reship for free.

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Do you accept returns?


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How do I contact you for more questions?

Use our website's 'Contact Cat' page or email us at info@slimcat.org

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Other questions

Are your products safe?

We have all most all products from Pharmacy, some of them are China manufacturer products with good reviews in the past. You need to be in the last 18 years old to use our service!

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Are there any side effects associated with your goods?

All pharmaceuticals have their side effects - always read the description and consult your doctor before use, be careful!

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What does GRADE mean - what is the difference?

[A] - Pharmacy Product. [B] - Manufactured by a pharmaceutical company. [C] Underground product - we don't have such products in store.

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Do you have parcels seized by customs?

NO - there are less than 1% of sized parcels.

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Where you ship from?

We ship mainly from EU and sometimes from Russia - all our parcels are safe to receive, no matter from Russia or Europe we always decide is that safe enough or not, for the customer, based on our experience. If not, we forward them trough the EU to you.

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Do you have discounts?

Yes we have. You can ask for a discount by contacting SlimCat, if you leave a review you will receive a 5% discount on any order amount by contacting Cat, depending on your order large and products in, we can give 5%, 10% and 15% discounts starting from 500eur orders. 15% is given for orders 2k + you still can use bulk order option in product menu and get instant discount!

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Can you refund my card payment?

In some cases "Yes"

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What if I did not receive an order in time?

Just be patient, sometimes it can take longer because of POST faults.

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